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Esso Properties, an integrated real estate development and investment company, has established itself as a trusted and reliable service provider, placing itself as an innovative and creative property merchant that is able to attend to real estate needs that cater to all strata of human life. As a result of our ingenious and pragmatic approach, we are growing steadily and constantly building client confidence.
We have managed to deliver several projects in Lagos and Awka and are expanding our reach to Enugu, Owerri, Asaba and Abuja. When we set out this year, 2021, we set for ourselves a modest goal of ensuring that we can deliver 2,500 properties by the year’s end. This we intend to achieve through a combination of entrepreneurial spirit, professional excellence, and in-depth understanding of the demand-supply dynamics in the real estate industry.

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Ezenagu Smith

MD/ CEO, Esso Properties



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See a snippet of our Ibeju-Lekki offering, an estate with already available models planned for our high net-worth customers who enjoy accessibility, quiet and comfort.
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